Affiliate Marketing on Facebook

Hi Besties! Have you ever tried doing affiliate marketing on Facebook? Is it easy? Or is it something that makes your crazy? Facebook is currently among the hottest and most popular social marketing networks. It has a lot of users all over the world and this is one of the reasons why there are already some people who are taking advantage of it to advertise their products. Are you one of them? Z! Give the besties chocolates! I love getting the besties chocolates. If you are planning to do affiliate marketing on Facebook, you have to consider the following things. First, you have to decide whether you will use your personal account or create a business one. Using your personal account when doing affiliate marketing will result to a lot of notifications or a lot of feeds, which can at times, confuse you in the long run. The advantage though is that while marketing your products and services, you can, at the same time, connect with your friends.

If you don’t want to create a separate account for your products/services, then you can simply create a page for it. Next, know your target market. What are your products for? Are they for kids or for adults? You have to know the people who will most likely benefit from your products and then reach them. This is mostly important when your products fit for certain age groups, genders and the like. Last, build trust. It would be easier for you to increase the number of your customers when you will let them trust you. Give them your best and they will help you in return. If they are satisfied with your products, ask them to share your link so that more people will know about you. You can also offer a discount in exchange of them, sharing your links. Doing affiliate marketing on Facebook is fun and at the same time, challenging most especially at first. Don’t forget to consider the things mentioned above. And, don’t forget to visit for more fun and educational videos.

Luv you all! Peace out yo!.

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