Find Your Sweet Spot & Get Massive Results

Find Your Sweet Spot & Get Massive Results

In the last blog post we did on Plus 1, we talked about a goal setting challenge that we could all take part in. The end result was to find our 3 most important goals so that we could focus on them and start to see massive changes in our lives and business.

The formula was simple enough….Spend 2 weeks to write down our top 10 goals for the year. And then after those 14 days, narrow it down to our top 3….

We are looking for our ‘sweet spot’.

I’m reading John C. Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership right now and in it, he talks about his mentor John Wooden. Just do a quick google search of John Wooden to understand how important this guy was to leadership and coaching. And John had a very unique way of coaching his players…

Instead of telling his players to become ‘great’ at shooting the basketball from everywhere on the court, John taught them to find their ‘sweet spot’. The area on the court where they shot the highest percentage of baskets and then practiced to become even better at those ‘spots’.

Crazy right?

Aren’t we supposed to be a jack of all trades and a master at none? It would seem so in today’s day and age however this type of thinking can change your life when you narrow it down…

You see, we might not be made to shoot 3 point shots, but we can take it to the rim (excuse the sports analogy there lol). We may not be a great programmer but we can write a blog post every few days. Or maybe we just don’t have the talent to jump up on camera and talk to an audience for hours at a time, but we can become invaluable at administrative areas of business.

You see, when we FOCUS and prioritize our goals, we can become GREAT at certain things. Just not great at everything.

And that’s ok. Embrace what you are great at. No matter what it is. Develop the habits to become better at those parts of your life and business. Deliver value to our customers by using your gifts!

We don’t need more ‘Swiss Army Knife Marketers’ however we do need more targeted experts!

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Author: Jon Olson

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