How to Shave Time Off Your Video Blogging Efforts

How to Shave Time Off Your Video Blogging Efforts (2 Tips)

Ever since I was a little kid my Father drilled into my head that Time is Money so when it comes video marketing I wanna make sure that I must efficient as possible with creating my video I wanna share withe you a few quick strategy and a short video because you value your time as well how you can produce more high quality videos in less amount of time effort energy for 2012. I wanna share two quick simple tips. The first tips tip number one that when you decide to film your video you should have a shortlist a list that list ten videos you know you scripted that with outline about what your gonna to talking about and then Film them all at one time and a black of time you gonna set out a day or Sunday afternoon or whatever your not busy in you just gonna go through each those videos.

What you gonna discover is you gonna build momentum your gonna get better you gonna much up little bit last and last your video gonna be improve your gonna more sink last ??? and you gonna get it done faster then if you do 10 videos at once you have 10 weeks worth of content you know how to do that black again at least another 10 weeks. That was tips number one whats tips number two? I’m glad you ask! Tip number two is to make sure that you., I guest you call turn your video into fact ?? or a peace me I don’t know what to call it here’s what I like to do, I like to have a three second intro pumper that I have on my videos and you so that when you watch this videos that way I have I can put that in the front in my editing software than I get my intro and I do that one time and I goes on my videos then the unique part of my video is the content the part that I’m doing right now then I have a call to action that goes on the end for it the same call to action one call to action for all my videos that way my editing software I can just flop that on the end so I have my intro that’s beginning I have my content in the middle and I have the same call to action to the end..

In fact you can see my call to action right now. I hope you enjoy this little video I’ve put together for you,in fact i got a tan more of videos coming out for you on my YouTube channel in fact you can go ahead and subscribe to my channel by clicking that link right up there on the top this video. And if you wanna learn more how to dominate YouTube to increase your traffic and get high quality leads and sales for your business I’ve put together a very special free webinar that choice my exact system for increasing your traffic using YouTube you can learn more about that webinar by clicking on this Little video right down here or you can click the link on the description box below this video. Thanks and talk to you soon…

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