Internet Marketing: 1 Minute Website

Hello my name is Christophe. Welcome to my website A lot of people who want to do internet marketing feel they canít because they donít know how to build a website. I will show you that thatís not the case and in a minute or two you can have a website going. I will install WordPress using control panel, using cPanel. My website is hosted at HostGator, I will simulate ordering an account from them. They have very reasonable prices and their packages are pretty loaded and their support is pretty good. But most importantly I like the fact that they support cPanel. Itís a control panel that enables you to easily, without too much knowledge, administer your hosting account and many hosting companies support that so every time you open an account somewhere else or you upgrade to a dedicated server, you can still use cPanel. So letís simulate ordering a hosting account. This one, unlimited domainsÖ order now. Iíll put a domain name in there, if you put my name here you get a nice little discount.

Nice big discount. Okay, you have to complete this page here, choose a billing cycle enter your payment informationÖ and verify that everything here is according to what you want, what you expect, and click Create Account. And shortly after, you will receive a welcome message that will explain to you how to connect to your control panel. So you go there with your domain name/cpanel. Thatís easy enough to remember. You will have to put in a username and password. And this is cPanel so you can administer your hosting account. From here you can do pretty much everything you can ever think about doing on to your hosting account.

But for now, weíre gonna install WordPress. WordPress is a very popular tool to do blogging or even static sites. Millions of people use WordPress, tens of millions. Weíre gonna click on Fantastico. Fantastico is a good name and click WordPress. I currently have it installed already, thatís my website running WordPress. So Iím gonna install this new one in a subfolder, so I have to put a folder name here so I donít eraseÖif I didnít put any value, I would be erasing my site. So Iíll put DEMO1, itíll be in I have to pick an admin for WordPress, choose your ID and password, a nickname for the adminÖ email, site name, and description. Site name ñ I could put anything I want. Description and then click install. Finish installation, okay. And weíre done, we now have a website. We can go and check it out. Itíll be at the DomainName/demo1.

And thatís WordPress installed right there. So I have a website. So now I can log in to WordPress with my username and password and I can add postÖ add a new postÖ publish that and now you can look at the website. The title I picked, you can change that of course, and you can see my first post here and I will show you quicklyÖIíll do a more thorough video on how toÖ you know, a little bit more detail about WordPress but Iíll show you quickly how to change the theme.

You go to ÖIíll pick a free theme. You can buy some themes too. Iíll pick the most popular ñ LightWord. Okay, there it is. Install, you get a preview here and ..install now, you activate it and now your website has a new theme, a new look. So thatís how you can get a website going in literally minutes so I hope this helps. ëTil next time.

Bookmark my website ñ Take care, bye bye..

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