The Problem With Multiple Streams Of Income

The Problem With Multiple Streams Of Income

I’m sure you’ve heard this speech from every guru on the internet… “To be successful you must have multiple streams of income!”

Entire books have been written about this subject and for good reason. I’m a huge fan of multiple streams of income, heck if you look at the platforms I own it’s pretty spread out. From auto responders to membership training sites. Analytics tools to traffic generators. I have my hand in a lot of things because I know how powerful each ‘avenue’ can be.

It takes a lot of effort to run each business and a whole lot of patience to get them each up and running. So don’t for a second think I’m saying creating multiple streams of income is an easy process.

However the biggest issue I see with this piece of advice that you need to build multiple streams of income online is that…We rarely focus on ONE stream to build multiple streams.

Here’s a little story of what I mean…

When I first got started online, I was into everything! I joined this program, that program and invested in every scheme you could possibly imagine.

That lasted about 3 years and put me in debt about $10k. Sound familiar? This is sadly the norm for a lot of us trying to build a business online.

Then I had a wake up call by a few people I was hanging around and they put it bluntly….I need to focus on one aspect of online business so I could become a master of one, not a jack of all trades.

This holds true when you are starting out building the ‘multiple streams‘…No one wants to learn about list building from someone who practices list building…Once a month.

I guarantee you, no one is going to want to learn SEO from a guy like me…Why? Because I’ve put 0 effort into SEO lol

The fact is, people go to the EXPERTS and the leading authorities in a niche. So your job as a entrepreneur is to become the BEST and most knowledgable you can be at ONE thing.

Hey, after you master something there are plenty of other opportunities to grow multiple streams…But it starts at one!

Learn, grow in and master one stream of income and then your world will open up for you…

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Author: Jon Olson

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