We Can Change Our Lives, In 1 Hour A Day!

We Can Change Our Lives, In 1 Hour A Day!

1 hour!

That’s all we really need to make some massive changes in our lives. Does it sound too simple? Too good to be true?

Let’s dive into the middle chapters of Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life by Brian Tracy and see what he has to say about it…

Let’s begin with a scary stat..

This quote blew me away;

“According to the American Booksellers Association, 70% of all American adults have not visited a bookstore in over 5 years. And 58% of them have not read a book from front to cover since they graduated high school…”

Oh boy. I hope you can see where this is going…

Brian goes on to teach about the power of 1 hour a day! Remember, we are supposed to be filling our minds with good stuff that creates good habits, so he says that if we spend 1 hour a day reading a book we would be able to finish that book in about a week.

Not bad right? It gets better…

If we are on pace to read a book a week, that would end up being around 50 books a year. Crazy right? But wait…..THERE’S MORE….

50 books a year would translate into 500 books a decade. And well folks, if you are reading 500 books every 10 years you are now not just an experienced business person / student…You have become a master at it.

The point being, most people won’t read a single book. The stats show that up to 70% of the population doesn’t go near a bookstore, and if we are part of that 30%, we start to develop AMAZING habits.

It starts from..1 hour a day!

We can choose to spend it watching TV, surfing YouTube for cat videos, talking about the latest gossip…Or we can CHOOSE to fill our minds with amazing things from the books we read.

1 hour is all it takes….

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Author: Jon Olson

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