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Interview Ann Handley
Twelve years in the past I had the great fortune to attach with Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs and she or he’s been a optimistic affect to me on what’s potential in content material and B2B advertising and marketing ever since.

I’m not alone.

During that point, we’ve each grown as entrepreneurs. Well, possibly I’ve grown, however Ann has exploded. She usually fills keynote rooms at conferences, attracts lengthy, lengthy strains of individuals to get one among her greatest promoting books signed and her firm MarketingProfs has attracted over 600,000 subscribers.

Ann Handley is a advertising and marketing influencers’s influencer or extra creatively, she’s an Annfluencer.

Since Ann is the very first Chief Content Officer ever, a multi-book greatest promoting writer, worldwide keynote speaker and who I prefer to name, The Khaleesi of Content, we’re fairly lucky to share the next interview. And after current occasions in Toronto, you name additionally name her a “badaxe” marketer.

In the video beneath Ann and I linked by Zoom to speak about a vary of subjects together with a recreation of “hot or not” with content material advertising and marketing ways, examples of B2B manufacturers doing it proper, how she’s achieved meteoric success along with her publication progress and naturally, the upcoming B2B Forum convention occurring close to Washington D.C. on October 16-18.


Ann Handley on Axe Throwing and Marketing Metaphors:

“In Toronto for an event I went ax throwing with a bunch of other speakers and attendees at the event. I mean the obvious analogy would be that in marketing it’s all about hitting the target, but I actually think it’s a much richer analogy than that. The analogy that I drew, or where I see marketing and writing reflected in ax throwing, is that sometimes it’s just enough to hit the target, you know? It takes a lot of practice. It takes a lot of courage to stand up there and actually try something. And I think that’s probably why in B2B marketing, it’s so much safer to not throw the ax, to instead just sort of sit behind and do what you’ve always done.”

It’s incumbent on all of us in B2B advertising and marketing, whether or not you’re a author, or a marketer, or no matter position you play to take some dangers and simply get out of the field and throw an ax at that concentrate on. @marketingprofs

“And so the analogy is that some days it’s just enough to hit the target, and that it is scary and it’s dangerous, and it can feel uncomfortable to try new things. But I think it’s incumbent on all of us in B2B marketing, whether you are a writer, or a marketer, or whatever role you play in an organization to take some risks, and just get out of the box and throw an ax at that target.”

Ann Handley on B2B Marketing Trends for 2020:

“I’ve been all in on this for a while, and it’s so old school, but email newsletters have made a such a comeback. So many brands are really missing the opportunity with email. They’re so focused on trying to get really great ads, at voice activated applications. You know, what should I … what’s our Alexa strategy? It’s like, why do you have an Alexa strategy? Why are you even thinking about that, when your email newsletter really needs help over here? The email newsletter I think is it’s, it’s vastly undervalued.”

Ann Handley on the Most Common Marketing Questions Ann Gets Asked:

“People ask me a lot about writing, and here’s kind of the funny thing about when people ask me questions about writing. It’s usually preceded by an apology like, ‘I’m sorry, I’m really nervous writing to you, because I’m worried about grammar’. And that’s sort of the problem right there. It’s like, I don’t care about grammar, necessarily. I mean yeah, you want to sort of know the grammar rules more generally, but you can always get some help. You can always fix that later, fix it in post, right? And so I don’t think about great writing the same as great grammar. They’re very different things.”

“When someone expresses some anxiety right off that, ‘I feel so awkward writing to you, because I’m so worried that it’s going to have a mistake.’ I mean, number one, just let go of that judgment, you know? It’s like the ax throwing analogy again. Just stand in the pit and throw the ax. Don’t worry about it.”

Thank you Ann!

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If you’re in advertising and marketing, I can’t suggest Ann’s Newsletter, Total Annarchy sufficient. You can subscribe and see again points right here.

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