At Panera, augmented reality is now on the menu with AR ad unit

Panera is out at this time with an augmented reality (AR) ad unit for cellular gadgets that lets customers rotate menu objects and share the expertise throughout Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook. Panera mentioned this was the first AR ad unit for the meals business.

In the instance video, the consumer can rotate a wrap sandwich, the Mediterranean Egg White Breakfast Wrap, which is the solely menu merchandise at the moment obtainable in AR. The consumer reaches this AR expertise by clicking on an ad:

And right here’s the expertise for viewing by way of cellular gadgets.

The firm mentioned the AR makes it simple for purchasers to evaluate a meals choice, by way of navigable visible inspection in addition to displayed data about vitamin and substances.

The ad unit is at the moment working on sports activities web page Bleacher Report by way of the cellular ad platform Composite from digital company Glow. The inventive belongings had been developed by Panera’s AR company, QReal. The platform, Panera mentioned, facilitates the social sharing of such an AR asset.

The ad makes use of the OS-level ARKit and ARCore augmented reality frameworks in iOS and Android gadgets, in order that no app must be downloaded.

What does AR supply customers that they couldn’t get from, say, a web based menu?

This type of ad is letting customers “find information fast,” Panera VP of selling Scott Nelson mentioned by way of electronic mail. He additionally added that it helps the model “push an overall category innovation.”

The success of this type of AR ad, he mentioned, might be measured by whether or not customers inform their pals about it, so the key focus might be on shares and engagements.

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