DuckDuckGo Receives Endorsement From Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

DuckDuckGo Receives Endorsement From Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey
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DuckDuckGo has acquired a excessive profile endorsement, as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey lately said it’s his search engine of selection.

DuckDuckGo being co-signed by somebody with the viewers of Dorsey might introduce the area of interest search engine to individuals who might in any other case not have heard about it.

Currently, DuckDuckGo handles a median of 48 million searches per day, and lately hit a day by day report of over 51 million searches.

Of course, that’s significantly lower than what Google handles, which makes it notable that it’s the popular search engine of the Twitter CEO.

DuckDuckGo Receives Endorsement From Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey

According to a research revealed final month extra folks would use a Google different, like DuckDuckGo, if prompted to pick out their very own default search supplier.

DuckDuckGo differentiates itself from Google by specializing in defending consumer privateness, which incorporates not promoting knowledge to advertisers. While that’s interesting to its small however devoted consumer base, others might argue it results in a lesser search expertise.

As a results of monitoring consumer exercise, Google is ready to tailor its search outcomes to the person in methods DuckDuckGo can’t. One of the extra widespread criticisms of DuckDuckGo is that it’s search outcomes usually are not as related as Google’s.

Apparently DuckDuckGo’s search outcomes are passable sufficient for Jack Dorsey although. Makes you marvel who else within the tech world would possibly desire the anonymity of a personal search engine.

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