Encad Novajet Printers – Encoder Strip-Stabilizer Bracket Replacement

TECH TIP: Canon PIXMA G6020 MegaTank Printer – Printhead Error, Ink Refilling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gEakg32Xhp4

Encoder Strip-Stabilizer Bracket Removal & Replacement.
NOTE: All Encad-Kodak service manuals for Novajet printers will be discovered on the wideformat kodak dot com web site.



  1. Hi Glen, you will need to ensure that the encoder strip is 'mostly' perfectly straight for the length of the encoder stabilizer bracket. We suggest you use a straight-edge ruler to ensure initial alignment onto bracket (3 yard/meter if you have one). Start at one end and peel off the self-adhesive strip…carefully press into place, and gently work your way down the length of the strip until fully tacked down. Good luck!

  2. Hi, thanks for the video, but what is the best way to fit a new encoder strip? i put one on but don't know if it's on right.

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