Google’s John Mueller Shares Bad SEO Advice

SEO Humor: Google’s John Mueller Shares Bad SEO Advice
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Google’s John Mueller shared some deliberately unhealthy SEO recommendation in a lighthearted response to a satirical Reddit thread.

In a thread inviting unhealthy SEO recommendation – as a result of “the moderators are all busy,” – Mueller took the chance to point out his humorous facet.

Clearly he hasn’t misplaced his sense of humour with all that’s happening on this planet.

Here’s hoping you discover it an entertaining break from an in any other case tumultuous information cycle.

Bad SEO Advice

Marquee Tag

The authentic poster of the thread really helpful placing every thing in a marquee tag, which Mueller conceded is an superior function.

Horizontally scrolling textual content on an internet web page doesn’t match everybody’s thought of superior, nevertheless, which is why the marquee tag is now out of date.

The marquee tag is consultant of a bygone period in net design the place pages had one too many shifting items.

If it existed at the moment, it’s laborious to think about it could meet Google’s standards for a very good consumer expertise.

Fun truth – you may nonetheless see it in motion.

The marquee tag lives on as an Easter egg in Google’s search outcomes.

Just seek for “marquee tag” and look ahead to the shifting textual content.

<blink> Tag

Mueller introduced up one other relic by recommending the <blink> tag:

“There’s also which is a great way to add non-deterministic cloaking (aka Schrödinger’s Indexing) to pages. It drives the webspam team crazy.”

The tag is a deprecated HTML ingredient that was used to create flashing textual content.

You can simply think about how annoying that will be. It’s no surprise why it additionally grew to become out of date.

Like the marquee tag, the blink tag is memorialized in Google search as a lesser-known Easter egg.

Search for “<blink>”  to get a blast from the previous.

Now I can’t assist however surprise what a mix of the marquee tag and blink tag would seem like.

Perhaps it’s greatest that we might by no means know the reply to that.

Source: Reddit

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