Just 45% of SEO Specialists Feel Their Job is Secure

Just 45% of SEO Specialists Feel Their Job is Secure
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A survey of almost 500 SEO specialists reveals that lower than half really feel safe of their positions, citing algorithm modifications as a supply of fear.

Roughly 80% of SEOs are involved algorithm modifications will negatively impression their profession. Nearly three in four are involved that algorithm modifications may have unfavorable implications for the trade total.

As it seems, these issues aren’t unfounded, as 60% of SEO specialists say they’ve skilled layoffs or firings in consequence of algorithm modifications.

Despite almost 1 in four SEOs perceiving their job safety as precarious, most report a excessive degree of job satisfaction.

SEO Job Satisfaction

Over two-thirds of SEOs report satisfaction with their jobs, generally describing their work as “creative,” “engaging,” and “intelligent.”

Just 45% of SEO Specialists Feel Their Job is Secure

Like any job, being an SEO comes with its personal set of frustrations. For instance, on a median of three days every week, survey respondents stated they exceeded the standard eight-hour workday.

Further, roughly 1 / 4 of SEO specialists labored for over eight hours 5 or extra days every week. The purpose for placing in so many work hours might be tight deadlines confronted by many within the trade. Nearly 44% of SEOs stated they had been annoyed by quick time frames.

Other frequent frustrations amongst SEOs are listed within the graphic beneath:

Just 45% of SEO Specialists Feel Their Job is Secure

Most Say SEO is Not Their Long-Term Career

People within the SEO trade aren’t planning to remain in it for lengthy, as the bulk of survey respondents say they wish to keep of their discipline for only one to six extra years.

Less than 12% of SEOs say they’ll stay within the trade for the rest of their profession.

Just 45% of SEO Specialists Feel Their Job is Secure

For extra details about the challenges confronted by SEOs in 2020, in addition to predictions for the long run of search, see the total research right here.

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