Save Time – Organize to Work Efficiently

Save Time – Organize to Work Efficiently

Organize to Work Efficiently. What follows is directed mainly to my SFI team however it applies to any business venture.

To save time, you never want to waste time looking for a file or retyping letters, e-cards, chats or ads. When I find a free place to advertise I set up a folder and a file for text ads or images that can be used just for that site or sites like it. For instance, traffic exchange text ads normally only allow 25 characters for the headline. Those should all be in a folder/file that you can grab quickly.

Also, don’t look at the same email 5 times before deciding what to do with it. Star it or tag it for later. I often prioritize the emails I receive:

  1. New PSAs and CSAs are clicked for a handshake.
  2. Queries from members
  3. Chat requests
  4. Email requests from new members(listed on Alerts page)
  5. Ecards to Class Cash Drawing Entries(listed on Growth page)
  6. Ecards for Birthdays and anniversaries(listed on Alerts page)
  7. Congratulations for member achievements

The above are just a suggestions, but definitely click the handshake first.

The next area to organize is your day. Pick the same time each day and set up a routine. Here is the way I approach my day:

  • Check my emails from SFI and deal with them, new members and query requests are most important
  • SFI newsletters are stared to read later
  • Login to SFI and change all the tabs green
  • Enter T-Time contest
  • Enter Biz Quiz draw
  • Answer chat requests
  • Answer email requests
  • Send ecards to Class Cash Entries
  • Personal emails and advertising may be starred to answer later.
  • Advertising and writing
  • Keep track of all your marketing by using hit tracking. I enter them all in a notebook.

An interesting thing happens when you login daily. You will learn more and more about SFI every day.

In the process of turning the tabs green you will read an article in the forum. Be sure to read any posts by your referrals and the Must-Read Threads.

Notice I didn’t login to personal Facebook or twitter accounts, those are real time wasters. I do use them, but not during the time I have set aside for my SFI Business.

Here is how I set up my computer or cloud files:

  1. Organize your SFI files on your computer. Set up folders for advertising and images for each program.
  1. Every time you set up an ad for Twitter, social media or free ad sites you should save it in its own folder. For instance, in a twitter folder you might have sub folders for each program or product you are advertising.
  2. Welcome emails for PSAs, CSAs, handshake emails, e-cards, broadcasts to your list, responses to questions and chat scripts should all be filed in appropriate folders for easy access. When I am asked questions, I often pull up a previous email response and then edit it for the current question.
  3. All broadcasts to your members should be in their own folder. You may want to edit them for reuse.


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