Structured Data Explained for Beginners: A Simple Guide

This is an introduction to structured knowledge that explains what structured knowledge is, in plain English. Once you end studying this it is best to have a greater thought of what structured knowledge is and the way it can profit you.

The aim is to demystify structured knowledge.

What Is Structured Data?

In essentially the most normal sense, Structured Data is info (knowledge) that’s organized (structured).

Organized info is what structured knowledge is. Information that’s organized.

Marking Up Structured Data

When coping with structured knowledge you’re going to listen to phrases like, “marking up structured knowledge” and “structured knowledge markup.

Marking up” structured knowledge means creating the structured knowledge code.

Markup means a computing language. HTML is a markup language.

HTML organizes the online web page content material web site customer sees and the code that helps the browser show that internet web page (code that the location customer doesn’t see).

The HTML additionally comprises informational content material meant for engines like google. That content material is known as Meta Data.


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Structured Data is a Markup Language

Structured knowledge is a markup language, too. Like HTML, it takes content material (knowledge) and communicates it to engines like google in order that they’ll show that info in a gorgeous method within the search outcomes.

Similar to the meta description ingredient in HTML, structured knowledge can also be a type of meta knowledge.

The content material in structured knowledge makes it simple for engines like google to know what photos and content material are about and precisely show it within the search outcomes.

Examples of the form of knowledge that’s organized by structured knowledge is the identify of a product, assessment content material, rankings, and pictures.

Structured knowledge permits a writer to label the identify of a product, assessment content material, rankings and pictures for engines like google.

With structured knowledge, engines like google don’t have to make use of algorithms to know that one thing is a product picture. Structured knowledge tells them it’s a product picture.

An picture is labeled as a product picture, particular phrases are labeled as a product assessment, and so forth.


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Organization Needs Rules

In order to arrange one thing, one wants guidelines. When organizing the laundry, we kind the garments by coloration.

Sorting by coloration is an instance of a rule for organizing one thing.

Libraries set up books in alphabetical order by matter. Organization by matter and alphabet can also be a rule used to arrange.

Similarly, structured knowledge has easy guidelines for how the knowledge (knowledge) is organized (structured). and Structured Data

The official web site for structured knowledge is is the group that creates the principles which are used to arrange info that’s on writer web sites.

There are two teams in which are in command of creating the structured knowledge protocol, the Steering Group and the bigger Community Group.

The group group does the primary work of discussing, proposing, creating and updating structured knowledge. The Steering Group, a smaller group, manages all the course of.

Google’s Relation to Structured Data

Google publishes developer pages, assist pages, which are about Structured Data. These pages are are centered on describing which structured knowledge publishers ought to use to be able to qualify for wealthy ends in Google’s search outcome pages (aka SERPs).

Google doesn’t outline what structured knowledge is. Google defines which structured knowledge it makes use of for the aim of exhibiting totally different sorts of wealthy outcomes.

The focus of Google’s developer pages is proscribed to the context of wealthy outcomes.

Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller lately remarked that he thought it was a disgrace that the documentation was restricted to the context of wealthy outcomes.

He instructed that utilizing structured knowledge that doesn’t lead to wealthy outcomes however helps to speak what the online web page is about might be helpful.

But he additionally cautioned that it’s simple to go overboard by marking up info that doesn’t assist Google perceive what the web page is about.

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How Google Uses Structured Data

Sites that use structured knowledge are eligible to acquire search outcomes with stars, photos and high placement within the featured snippet that’s situated on the high of the search outcomes.


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All of that may end up in extra site visitors.

Using structured knowledge is a necessity, it isn’t actually non-obligatory. If you don’t do it your opponents will.

Why Websites Should Use Structured Data?

Sites which are eligible for wealthy outcomes will profit from extra site visitors if Google chooses to make use of the knowledge.

Screenshot of a Google rich result featuring imagesThese are the search outcomes for learn how to make french toast. The photos and different wealthy content material is as a result of structured knowledge in use by the publishers.

The above search outcomes for “how to make french toast” exhibits enticing wealthy outcomes on the high of the web page.


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The photos of french toast, the assessment star rankings, the cooking time info, the web site group identify, all of that info (knowledge) was communicated to Google with structured knowledge.

It’s not assured that utilizing structured knowledge will lead to a distinguished featured snippet place on the high of the SERPs.

Using structured knowledge solely makes an online web page eligible for a wealthy outcome.

JSON-LD Structured Data

Google’s most well-liked model of structured knowledge is JSON-LD, which is known as a script.

There are other forms of structured knowledge however they’re extra sophisticated to work with than JSON-LD.

Other types of structured knowledge alter the HTML of an online web page. JSON-LD in contrast is unbiased of the HTML and will be positioned wherever within the code of an online web page.

You can put it within the footer, in the course of the content material or initially of the online web page within the head part.

Editing JSON-LD structured knowledge is straightforward as a result of it’s a script you could simply copy and paste into no matter textual content or code editor you need after which work with it.


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That’s one thing that may’t be finished with the older types of structured knowledge.

This info on an online web page:

ACME Home Cleaning affords quite a lot of companies in Massachusetts, together with:

  • House cleansing
    • Apartment gentle cleansing
    • House gentle cleansing as much as 2 bedrooms
    • House gentle cleansing three+ bedrooms
  • One-time companies
    • Window washing
    • Carpet deep cleansing
    • Move in/out cleansing

Will appear to be this inside a JSON-LD structured knowledge script:


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<script kind="application/ld+json">
"@context": "",
"@type": "Service",
"serviceType": "Weekly home cleaning",
"provider": ,
"@type": "State",
"name": "Massachusetts"
"@type": "OfferCatalog",
"name": "Cleaning services",
"itemListElement": [

"@type": "OfferCatalog",
"name": "One-time services",
"itemListElement": [




I do know that appears sophisticated however it’s not.

Remember after I stated that there are guidelines for organizing the knowledge like when sorting laundry for the wash? The above code is rather like that.

Once you study what the principles are, the above code will make sense. And that’s the aim for the following article on this collection.

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