Why Your Thank You Page Is Costing You Money (& How to Fix It)

Why Your Thank You Page Is Costing You Money (& How to Fix It)
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The consultants let you know that a focused person on Facebook clicks in your advert, downloads your lead magnet from the touchdown web page, will get warmed up by your electronic mail sequence, and eventually attends your core provide of a gross sales name and then you definitely simply shut the deal.

You determine the consultants know what they’re speaking about – so that you arrange your funnel, launch your marketing campaign and lean again in your chair figuring it’s in all probability time to get fitted for a showering go well with so you’ll be able to dive into your pool of cash like Scrooge McDuck.

After a few days, you check out your advert metrics.

Great click-through price, nice CPA for e-book downloads – however no gross sales name bookings in any respect.

Users click on your advert, obtain the lead magnet, after which simply disappear into the abyss like Brendan Fraser’s appearing profession.

Your emails go unread and unopened.

This is irritating. At finest.

In an try to salvage the marketing campaign, you determine to abandon the e-book funnel all collectively and simply put the core provide of the gross sales name on the touchdown web page.

Now customers gained’t even click on the advert.

Your relevance rating plummets, you pay extra per click on, and the e-mail record you do have is filled with prospects who both are bored with talking with you or forgot your organization altogether.

Your wasted time and cash.

That pool of cash you had been considering of diving into is simply an empty gap.

The Problem: You Present the Core Offer on the Wrong Time

Your downside is that you simply current the core provide of a gross sales name on the fallacious time on this funnel.

There are two primary eventualities through which this happens:

You current your core provide because the lead magnet and customers see it as a risk somewhat than a possibility.

This crushes your click-through price. A person scrolling on Facebook is unlikely to be so amped about hopping on a gross sales name that they’ll cease scrolling and e book it.

This is very true in the event that they don’t know/like/belief your organization but (as a notice, presenting a gross sales name as your lead magnet can work on Google Ads as a result of it’s a completely different medium).

You attempt to comply with up through emails along with your core provide however the person has forgotten about what you are promoting and you’ve got misplaced all conversion momentum.

Your enterprise is likely to be a very powerful factor to you, however to the customers, you might be simply one other factor they clicked on. People have busy lives and typically as entrepreneurs, we overlook that.

The Solution: Present Your Core Offer on the Thank You Page

If you’ve been thanking customers and sending them on their method after they’ve downloaded your lead magnet, your “Thank You” web page is costing you cash. The solely individuals who must be thanking you might be Facebook’s shareholders.

Here is the straightforward answer: after a person downloads your lead magnet, current them along with your core provide on the thanks web page.

Users have already segmented themselves and expressed curiosity by downloading your lead magnet so you recognize it’s an and invested viewers.

Additionally, the thanks web page is among the few instances you recognize that you’ve the customers full consideration.

Why You Should Put Your Core Offer on the Thank You Page: Climbing the Yes Ladder

Putting the core provide on the thanks web page leverages a know persuasion method is named the “yes ladder.”

In a sure ladder, an individual is requested to adjust to a collection of requests, beginning small which will get bigger upon every request.

With every request the person complies with, they’re extra seemingly to adjust to the subsequent compliance request.

As this is applicable to the funnel, the primary compliance request of offering their electronic mail in alternate for the lead magnet is small, and since they’ve already complied with this request it’s more likely for them to adjust to the subsequent, bigger request (the gross sales name or core provide).

This leads to conversion momentum which pushes them over the “tipping point” and will get them to e book your core provide of a gross sales name.

How to Build an Effective ‘Thank You’ Yes Ladder

Let’s stroll by means of how to implement micro-commitments and a “yes ladder” in your “Thank You” web page to enhance customers’ curiosity in your core provide.

1. Choose Your Core Offer & First Impression Incentive

We are going to begin by working backward as a result of, by way of enterprise, I’ve discovered working backward from what you need to be most worthwhile.

Start along with your aim in thoughts.

Identify the aim on your core provide. It might be something from wanting customers to schedule a session, buy a product, or join a free trial.

Next, take into consideration the primary impression incentive.

What are you able to present a prospect or person that can instantly enhance their scenario?

2. Strategically Add Questions to Create Your Yes Ladder

Now that you simply’ve determined what you need to accomplish, it’s time to arrange a collection of questions for the person to agree to.

Start with easy questions and work your method up to your core provide.

The extra customers comply along with your first set of questions, the extra seemingly it turns into for them to agree to your remaining provide.

Here is an instance from WordStream:

WordStream Yes Ladder

They ask their prospects to reply primary questions, corresponding to their identify, business, and if they’re an promoting or advertising and marketing company.

These are all low-bar, non-threatening questions that push customers up the “Yes Ladder” and supply the low risk provide of a Google Ads efficiency grade.

You also can see that within the navigation that WordStream lets the person know precisely what step they’re on and that it’s, actually, a multi-step funnel.

three. Hit Them with Your Core Offer

After your prospects have answered questions and transformed in your smaller provide (with the smaller risk of simply asking for the e-mail), it’s time to current them along with your CTA of your core provide and lead them to the subsequent step of the client’s journey.

As an instance, after a person downloads certainly one of my firm’s ebooks, we then current the person with the chance to convert on our core provide to get a free session.

We know that for the reason that person has accomplished the smaller conversion step that they’ve engaged the ideas of dedication and consistency they’re much extra seemingly to choose into our session.

Nerds Do It Better - Example of Post Click 2 Step Conversion

WordStream does the identical factor the place prospects are rewarded with a personalised Google Ads Performance Grade and introduced with WordStream’s core provide of a free trial on the thanks web page.

That’s the way you create a profitable “Yes ladder” and construct a “Thank You” web page that nurtures and converts leads to your core provide.

What is the one factor nonetheless stopping you from earning profits along with your “Thank You” web page?

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