Win Daily and Earn at SFI

Members and Affiliates have multiple opportunities to win Rewardical tokens and T Credits every single day.  Most games and draws are free, and any purchases are rewarded with Rewardical tokens.  Sign up free today and see for how you can actually start earning income by playing games and taking part in daily draws for T Credits and Rewardicals.Join Free to Play Games and Win

DAILY GRAND – draw for Rewardicals – From day one, you can start winning prizes and earning income on SFI by ensuring you produce at least 10 VP’s each day. Qualify for ten each day by turning the tabs green and/or reading the LaunchPad lessons.

T-TIME – Visit the “WIN IT” tab daily to enter the T-Time hourly draw for 2 TCredits.

DAILY CROWN – If you like playing games you can earn many daily entries in the DAILY CROWN draw for Rewardicals in addition to any prizes actually won from the games. Earn rewardicals for each TCredit spent on games.  Click Here to See Available Games

BIZ QUIZ – Answer correctly and participate in a daily draw for 50 Rewardicals.

SPIN & Win – Read emails from SFI and win 5,10 or even 1,000 VP.

BID – Earn Rewardicals for each Bid.

REWARDICALS – Redeem them for:

VP (VersaPoints)
CSA(s) (Co-Sponsored Affiliates)
Bitcoin – $25 minimum
TripleClicks Gift Certificates – $5 minimum
Prestige Domain
PSA(s) (Personally-Sponsored Affiliates)
PRM(s) (Personally-Referrred Members)

Sign up free today, and get 25 free tokens for joining. Use promo code: 8d9a06 to claim your free tokens.


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