WordPress Ultimate Member Plugin Vulnerability

Today it was introduced that “critical and severe vulnerabilities” have an effect on a WordPress group constructing plugin known as, Ultimate Member was patched. This vulnerability is simple to take advantage of and provides the attacker administrator degree entry, that means they’ll do no matter they wish to the positioning.

This is how Wordfence describes the seriousness of this exploit:

“This vulnerability is considered very critical as it makes it possible for originally unauthenticated users to easily escalate their privileges to those of an administrator. Once an attacker has administrative access to a WordPress site, they have effectively taken over the entire site and can perform any action, from taking the site offline to further infecting the site with malware.”

Ultimate Member WordPress Plugin

The Ultimate Member WordPress plugin is a type of group constructing plugin that enables a WordPress writer to permit readers to change into members who can obtain varied ranges of entry in addition to work together with one another socially.


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It’s an answer that will also be used to limit entry to the content material to registered customers solely and to grant varied ranges of membership privileges, like publishing to the positioning.

Ultimate Member Vulnerability

There are three exploitable vectors within the plugin and all three are privilege escalation exploits. A privilege escalation exploit is when an attacker can enhance their consumer privilege.

For instance, if somebody is registered with a website as a subscriber they’ll do issues like learn articles and touch upon them.

But with a an exploit they’ll elevate their website privileges from subscriber to an administrator degree and thus grant themselves the power to do no matter they need with the positioning.

An authenticated privilege escalation exploit is when somebody must have some type of authentication, like a subscriber function.


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With an Unauthenticated Privilege Escalation exploit, an individual doesn’t even need to be a registered consumer.

The exploit have an effect on the Ultimate Member plugin concerned two unauthenticated exploits and one authenticated exploit.

The Authenticated Privilege Escalation exploit permits a registered consumer to improve their privileges.

The Unauthenticated Privilege Escalation exploit permits an attacker to make use of the registration kind as an assault vector.

These exploits are critical, rated essential and extreme.

Here’s how WordFence describes it:

“…this vulnerability is considered critical as it allows originally unauthenticated users to escalate their privileges with some conditions. Once an attacker has elevated access to a WordPress site, they can potentially take over the entire and further infect the site with malware.”

Update Immediately

It is really useful that customers replace instantly to Ultimate Member WordPress plugin model 2.1.12. That model incorporates the patch that fixes the vulnerability.


Critical Privilege Escalation Vulnerabilities Affect 100Okay Sites Using Ultimate Member Plugin

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